Friendly notice, there are no spoilers here. 

   So after seeing what probably is and honestly should be Hugh Jackman’s last ride as Wolverine, I’m left sort of in awe by what I watched. This is sort of an anomaly right? I love the Marvel movies for the most part (though some much more than others). I think they’re fun and interesting and overall very enjoyable movies. This is how I feel about the superhero movie genre in general really. Fun movies for the most part. Every now and again though something pokes through, rises above its contemporaries and does something unique and different. We saw this with the second of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, The Dark Knight and I think I can safely say I’ve seen a similar instance with Logan.

  This is a “film” like Dark Knight was a “film” at least to me. I differentiate them from the normal superhero and comic movie stuff because they don’t need that baggage. Logan is a solid story with real characters and situations and emotions. I look at it this way, If you took out the powers or altered the names and abilities a bit this would just be a really good movie. But the fact that is is Wolverine and it is Hugh Jackman playing the character along with Patrick Stewart as Xavier it brings with it such a profound joy. Roles these men have played for nearly two decades in good movies and bad movies that never really let their characters grow much. This movie allows these characters to breathe, allows them to emote and feel and live like they’ve not been able to before on screen.

  Jackman especially for me was brilliant. I’ve always been a fan of his and I’ve always felt he did a solid job with the material he was given for this character. That said, I am so happy he finally got to make THIS movie. A chance to show this character I grew up with essentially, evolved. To really show the miles he’s put on and the cost for having endured the burden this character has. This isn’t a review really and I won’t spoil the film’s plot or anything I just wanted to share some general thoughts. It’s too often that movies in the comic genre technically are written off because people don’t look past the colorful comic pages to the stories they actually tell. A lot of these heroes are complicated, broken people. And while some of the comic movies before it have touched on these complexities, Logan I feel fully embraces them and treats the characters and the audience with a respect and admiration they both deserve.